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Indulge in twelve regular-sized cupcakes of various flavours, carefully packaged in our oh-so-famous pink box.

Don't forget to add a special note with your gift before proceeding to checkout. And, if you're feeling fancy, choose to add one of our pink carry bags for only $2!

Available within twenty-four hours of your order – or faster!


Customer Reviews

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Melissa P.
Amazing service

The team were very responsive and helpful! Couldn’t be happier with their service!

Mara C.
So easy - love the cupcake queens

Everything was so easy and I had communication all the way up to when they were delivered. They made my partner's day - thank you so much Cupcake Queens!

Cupcake Queens Fail. Im sadly done with a company that wont listen.

Subject: Disheartened Customer Feedback

Dear Cupcake Queens Team,

I've been a dedicated customer for five years, spending significantly at your store. Despite attempts to provide feedback via email, Instagram, and in-store, it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Today, I received an email asking about my absence, as you’d notice me gone, thru my “membership” . Im gone because management-you do not listen, you don’t listen to your staff and you don’t listen to your customers, which is a direct result of my decision to stop patronising Cupcake Queens.

Your staff is commendable, you don’t listen to them, you should have queues for your cupcakes - you don’t because you don’t listen to what the customer wants, especially the customers like me who were cupcake queen obsessed - the disconnect seems to lie in management's Unwillingness to heed customer feedback., which I’ve been giving - and giving now for I think maybe 4 years? It's disheartening that the voices of those who contribute to your business aren't being heard. A sincere reflection on customer concerns and an effort to address them would have gone a long way.

Christmas Eve was the last straw for me.

I hope this message prompts a positive change in customer engagement.

Best regards,
Sad to go, but enough.

Evie G.
The cupcakes were great until….

The cupcakes were amazing until taking a bite into one of salted caramel cupcakes that had a 5cmx5cm piece of bubble wrap imbedded into the cupcake. Not sure how this was possible

Wonderful array of flavours

A vast variety of flavours to choose from.